Our Story

Hi, my name is Brian Currie, my wife Debbie and I understand your pain all too well, many times we felt alone and invisible. We were frustrated & feeling stuck not being able to step into God‘s purpose and plan for our life and still living with fear, shame & self doubt from our past.

I remember literally crying out to God for help, but feeling like He never showed up.

Then we found out that God really did see us and He sent someone to help us. This guidance taught us something nobody else did, that the past was causing blockages in our life but God has a simple plan to eliminate them and launch us into our purpose. As we learned to cooperate with the Lord for our freedom, we developed an intimate & loving relationship with Him. Today we live in His presence, power and purpose for our life. Since then, we have had the opportunity to help many other believers get free from the past & journey toward God’s purpose for their life.