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plan for your

 best life now!

We provide believers who have blockages that prevent them from receiving from God with on-demand courses, customized ministry and live coaching to receive freedom, healing and revelation for their best life, saving them years of trial & error!

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Don't Live With Regret

You don't have to accept a life of anxiety,

barred from the life you

were meant to live.

Every Christian’s birthright is to have intimacy with their Father God

and live their life with

 power and purpose in

the Spirit...

For just the price of a cup of coffee find out your #1 Emotional Hurt that causes pain and blocks you from your best life!

Brian and Debbie are passionate about others finding the freedom found in the power of Christ.  Their spiritual maturity, their heart for the hurting, their deep well of experience, their faithful stewardship, and their spiritual gifting radiate the love of Christ. Their prayers penetrate the heavenly places and all who come in contact with Brain and Debbie are inspired to press deeper into the abundance of who God created us to be.  

Joel Gorveatte

Senior Pastor Moncton Wesleyan Church

I’ve known Brian and Debbie for over 25 years and was their senior pastor for almost 20. From the first day they walked through our church doors Debbie has been serving the body in youth ministry, leading Bible Studies and other special events I asked of her. I witnessed Brian’s transformation in his journey to breakthrough. The last several years they have been a powerful team of bringing increase to the Kingdom of God and the people around them. I love the passion with which they desire all believers to be free and have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

L.D. Buckingham

Founder and president of Buckingham Leadership Network

...but without learning how to receive from God,

your breakthrough may not come this side of heaven...

this is a high price

 to pay!

  • Not experiencing God's presence 
  • Suffering from the long term effects of emotional pain
  • Missing out on hearing God's voice & plans for your life
  • Living a powerless Christian life 
  • Missing out on the legacy God has prepared for you
  • Not experiencing God's overwhelming love



  • Be Cleansed & Healed
  • Have Faith to Surrender
  • Have Emotional Peace & Joy
  • Overcome Demonic Oppression
  • Live in His Presence
  • Know your Identity as a Child of God
  • Hear from God
  • Experience God’s Love
  • Have a Renewed Mind
  • Be Baptized in the Spirit 
  • Walk in Authority & Power
  • Operate in Your Gifts
  • Bring Heaven to Earth
  • Walk in Your Purpose
  • Live Supernaturally
  • Serve Others

Learn the 7 steps that will remove

the #1 cause of your anxiety and pain...

and unblock your ability to receive

everything God has for you...

without dragging it into the next 20 years.

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