Identify & remove the #1 cause of anxiety and unblock your ability to receive everything God has for you in just 90 minutes, using our customized & On-Demand TRM-7 Ministry…without dragging it into the next 20 years!

It’s can reduce your anxiety & open the flow of God

presence & power in your life in the next 90 minutes!

And all you need is our TRM-7 and your cooperation with the Holy Spirit. And in a moment, I’ll explain exactly how to use the TRM-7  and why it will completely get rid of the 69 most common types of blockages.

I used to listen to messages, study God’s word, and pray but I still didn't experience God’s presence, power and purpose.

My reality didn't line up with what I read in God's word.

To make matters worst, I had fear & anxiety.

Not I live in God's presence, hear His voice and walk in His purpose for me, and it's amazing. 

What a privilege to bring God's light, love, and power everywhere we go, be God’s hands & feet in this dark world...

But I can tell you that 90% of believers have already accepted the idea that it takes a lifetime to reach freedom & their real purpose, so why the rush let’s just enjoy ourselves and wait for heaven...

... this is not doesn’t take as long as you think.

Not anymore!

The good news, starting in just 90 minutes, with what I’m about to show you. You’ll never have to worry about anxiety or receiving from God! 

You think you can't fully surrender to the Lord...not true and I'll show you how.

During our experience of getting free and helping many others get free, we have learned that most believers have hidden bondage that has never been dealt with and it is affecting their heart condition by making it hard which contaminates their faith.

Believers fail to surrender 100% because of two things. 

1-Bondage has opened the door to unbelief and doubts, pouring cold water on their faith!

2-The last 5% is the hardest to surrender because it is the believes life line to survive!

Key: Switch the order...Surrender the bondage first and then surrender the last 5%!

The currency of the Kingdom of Heaven is faith…so, since bondage contaminates your faith it blocks the kingdom of God in your life. This is a huge deal.


Hebrews 11:6  And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Bondage is kryptonite to your faith & ability to surrender!

Hidden Bondage usually develops into a 7 stage Cycle

 that is very difficult to get free from.

Since this is a bondage “cycle” you can enter it in several places depending on which open door of bondage you walk through. But, however you get in, the force of the “cycle” keeps pulling you deeper and deeper into anxiety and fear and away from the power of God.  

I know this can sound discouraging, even hopeless, but you know that nothing is too hard for God. Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans”...and we say, “we will not leave you hanging.”  If you stay with us you will find the answers you need and the freedom you crave.

Most believers never experience God’s Presence, Power and Purpose in their lifetime but it’s always only a short distance away, waiting for them.

7 ways to get stuck in the

 bondage cycle and not even know it!

UnGodly Choices

I’m sure it’s obvious that we’ve all made ungodly choices that lead to sin.

‭‭1 John‬ ‭3:4‬  “Everyone who sins is breaking God’s law, for all sin is contrary to the law of God.” The consequences of these un-Godly choices take us out of harmony with God and into the next stage… “Hurtful Experience” 

Hurtful Experiences

Maybe you’ve experienced Rejection, Abuse, Abandonment…maybe you were treated unjustly…the list of possible hurtful experiences is long and each hurt can have a life changing impact on each of us. 

But, for whatever reason, most of us choose to partner with the hurtful experience to form an emotional hurt. 

Emotional Hurts

When an experience produces an emotionally hurt, it creates a wound inside our soul. These wounds are not physically visible but unhealed emotional hurts can be seen in our emotions, our behaviours and our thoughts. But most of us continue on this Hidden Bondage Cycle and partner with the pain of emotional hurt to go deeper into stage #4…Hurtful Story and Thoughts.

Hurtful Story and Thoughts

Most of us tell lies to ourselves.That's why there are at least 8 Bible verses that deal with what we tell ourselves. We don’t do it intentionally…it’s just the easy way out. The same is true when we are in pain. On some subconscious level we tell ourselves things to rationalize and justify our emotions and the things that happen to us. Unfortunately, negative mindsets eventually leads to the Bondage Cycle …“UnGodly Beliefs”.

UnGodly Beliefs

UnGodly beliefs are beliefs or distortions of the truth that don't agree with God, His Word, His nature and His character. Most of our ungodly or false beliefs are formed by negative experiences, emotional hurts and negative thoughts. All things covert and underhanded come from the enemy. He distorts truth and feeds us lies that lead us to Bondage Cycle “Demonic Oppression”

Demonic Oppression

Satan hopes to convince you that he doesn't exist…that you’ll just carry on your merry way without not recognizing his roar, But Peter tells us in no uncertain terms that we need to aware of who he is…our great enemy…and what he’s trying to do…destroy us. But until the day we fully surrender our dead self to Jesus, Satan will continue to oppress us and drag us into stage 6 Bondage Cycle, “Negative Emotional Triggers”

Negative Emotional Triggers

This is where triggers come in, they can be in any form…people, places or things…and can flow from all 5 senses. Something reminds You of a hurtful Memory or a false belief from the past and you re-experience the emotional pain of it. We begin to play it safe so we never have to feel that painful experience and emotional hurt again.This is another way the enemy keeps us from living the Ultimate Believer's Life.

We created the TRM-7 Ministry to help you partner with God to identify & remove your bondage which  breaks the cycle…quickly and easily.  

Our 7 Step Trigger Revelation Ministry is designed to help believers cooperate with the Holy Spirit for revelation and healing.

It’s possible some of you have tried other ways to find peace and wellness in your life. But, it’s almost impossible to get free from The Hidden Bondage Cycle using the natural tools of this world. 

2 Corinthians 10:4-5 TPT.     

For although we live in the natural realm, we don’t wage a military campaign employing human weapons, using manipulation to achieve our aims. Instead, our spiritual weapons are energized with divine power to effectively dismantle the defenses behind which people hide.

Bondage is a spiritual problem that needs spiritual application. WHY? Because we are spiritual beings. Most people think we are human beings with a spiritual component but TRUTH says we are spiritual beings with a body component. We are a spirit, we have a soul & we live in a body. It’s in our soul ( that is our mind, will & emotions) where we will be working most.

Since our body is the “housing unit” for our spirit and soul on the earth, when we read…Romans 8:11

The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you.

…we know the reference to our “mortal bodies” means the healing is for NOW, here on earth…it’s not something we have to wait to receive in Heaven. You are not powerless… you have the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead in you, and when you learn to receive from Him you will find healing for your body and restoration for your heart and soul.

 Cooperating with God means understanding that God is a God of order and He has laws and plans in place that you can access for healing and freedom. But the process is non-negotiable. 

These 7 Steps are going to help you cooperate with the Holy Spirit to dismantle any Hidden Bondage and we will walk you through them step by step!

Here are a few details on each step of the TRM-7 ministry!

  • Step 1

  • STEP 2

  • STEP 3

  • STEP 4

  • Step 5

  • STEP 6

  • Step 7


To start the ministry process we will humbly ask God for revelation.

Then you will be invited to take the 96 question Assessment that will look for possible areas in your life that indicate any hidden bondage. 

Once the Assessment is complete you will immediately receive an email with subject line “Assessment Results Report for…” and your #1 bondage area will be identified. 

The body of the email will give you a complete breakdown of your assessment responses and how this bondage area was identified. If you have more than one area of bondage you will receive subsequent emails for each area identified. 

About The Course Teachers,
Brian & Debbie Currie.

My Wife Debbie & I have 4 grown children & 4 inlaw children…all amazing followers of Jesus (Two of them in full-time ministry)…& we have our 14th grandchild on the way.

We have been married for 43 years

The last 5-7 years have been on a journey to more of God for us…more freedom, more intimacy with Jesus, more fellowship and power in the Holy Spirit, and more effectiveness for His Kingdom. 

With a deeper understanding of surrender we now live in amazing harmony with Father God. We are lovers of Jesus and we fully trust that He is enough and He is everything. For years we led a discipleship program at our local church that focused on getting believers free. Now we want to make it available to everyone.

The TRM-7 works because it comes from The Word of God & is accomplished by the Holy Spirit!

Our Ministry course "Free To Live In His Presence"

Here you want to write a short paragraph that quickly explains exactly what your online course is and how it’s the perfect solution to the problems you’ve been talking about in the previous section. Keep it short, but provide the essential information they need to be able to make sense of what’s coming. For example, make sure they know that it is an online course designed to teach them how to achieve their goal



God's Freedom
  •  Cleansed & healed
  • Faith to Surrender
  •  Living in the Spirit
  • Emotional peace & joy


God's Presence
  •  Intimacy with God
  • Identity as child of God
  • Hear from God
  • Experience God’s love
  • Renewed mind


God's Power
  •  Walk in your authority
  • Operate in your gifts
  • Overcome demonic oppression
  • Bring heaven to earth


 God's Purpose
  • Walk in your purpose
  •  Union with Jesus
  • Live supernaturally

9 Modules!

Below you will see how we recommend 8 weeks for the 9 Modules, we will teach you the freedom lifestyle.


Week 1- Bondage Assessment

Welcome video from Brian & Debbie - 3 minutes

Submission prayer.- 3 minutes

Bondage Assessment - 15-30 minutes


Week 1- Orphan spirit

Teaching - 15-20 minutes

Ministry time - 15-30 minutes


Week 2- Shame

Teaching - 15-20 minutes

Ministry time - 45-60 minutes


Week 3- Insufficiencies in the Father’s Love

Teaching - 15-20 minutes

Ministry time - 15-30 minutes


Week 4-Fear

Teaching - 15-20 minutes

Ministry time - 45-60 minutes


Week 5- Un-Forgiveness

Teaching - 15-20 minutes

Ministry time - 15-30 minutes


Week 6- Rejection

Teaching - 15-20 minutes

Ministry time - 45-60 minutes


Week 8- Soul-Ties

Teaching - 15-20 minutes

Ministry time - 15-30 minutes


Week 9- Idolatry

Teaching - 15-20 minutes

Ministry time - 45-60 minutes

Feature and Benefits


Know your #1 bondage area in less then 30 minutes.

Receive your Customized Results Report email in less then 30 minutes. This will give you detailed breakdown on how much bondage showed up from the assessment and where to start on your freedom journey.

This one feature alone will save you months, even years of time. It’s hard to see our own bondage so this assessment will bring you a different perspective and valuable insights.

Tired of just going through the motions everyday?  By learning how to rid yourself of the Hidden Bondage, you’ll be a force of blessings & strength to everybody you connect with.

Freedom will bring increase in each of these areas!

  • Significance
  • Love/Connection
  • Passion
  • Inner Peace
  • Comfort

On-Demand Ministry 24/7

Available 24/7 so you never have to worry about missing out on the benefits of this powerful ministry. 

Let us lead you through this ministry from home when it's convenient for you, just you and the Lord.

You may want to invite a trusted friend to go through it together with you.

Just imagine feeling free & powerful, knowing that you're walking into God’s plan for your life, and it’s amazing. Watch how God begins working miracles through your life as you realize you are a Significant person with the favour of God & man.

Freedom will bring increase in each of these areas!

  • Energy
  • Security
  • Strength
  • Rest
  • Health

8 valuable teachings on the 69 most common types of bondage

These teachings were written in a way to open up your heart for the Holy Spirit to give you new revelation. Revelation is how God transforms us, so every revelation we receive is a miracle and a step closer to our new life.

You're just one revelation away from a miracle!

Experience the enemy fleeing at your command as your identity & authority become Anchored in the Lord!

Freedom will bring increase in each of these areas!

  • Happiness
  • Marriage
  • Adventure
  • Growth 
  • Belonging 

Steps 3-6 of the TRM-7 ministry, breaks the foundation, floor,walls & roof of the bondage cycle.

Once you learn these steps, you will live a freedom lifestyle. You will see God’s delivering & healing power in action.

Breaking the hidden bondage cycle will give you a new life. 

You will have lots of opportunity to teach this to your friends & family

Stop asking God to improve your life and start cooperating with the Holy Spirit to expose & heal your heart from hidden bondage & emotional hurts and find your new life of presence, power & purpose.

Freedom will bring increase in each of these areas!

  • Confidence 
  • Delight 
  • Satisfaction 
  • Excitement
  • Finances

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

It has been proven time and time again that offering a satisfaction guarantee or refund policy increases sales. And not just by a little bit. It makes a noticeable difference to conversions.

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Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say

Carolyn from Moncton NB

Graduate of course

 I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to rely on God and Jesus as the source of all!

I am full of thankfulness to God for the many benefits of this course. Each module brought me closer to Jesus. I received tremendous healing of both past and present hurts. Truthfully, I was surprised that I was still carrying so much hurt. Now I understand how these hurts kept me from receiving the fullness of God. The course content, including the personalized prayers and relevant scriptures, was very applicable to my life.  If you want Jesus to be your true Source, then I recommend this course to you.  

Jody from Saint John

Graduate of course

I now feel fully equipped and protected in God's armor against fear and the spirits associated with it.

I am so thankful to God for His work in me through the " Ultimate Believer's Life". Before taking the assessment, I didn’t realize that I had given FEAR so much power in my life. This ministry is personal (between me and God). The Monday night zoom calls have been a great source of encouragement and support. I now feel fully equipped and protected in God's armor against fear and the spirits associated with it.

Anne from Moncton

Financial Advisor

I can excitedly say that the anxieties and burdens I had been holding onto have been surrendered to Jesus. I am now able to walk in freedom with a renewed mind and purpose

Until I had the privilege to experience "The Ultimate Believer's Life" masterclass, I truly didn't realize how many blockages I had in my life. I can excitedly say that the anxieties and burdens I had been holding onto have been surrendered to Jesus. I am now able to walk in freedom with a renewed mind and purpose. Many thanks to Debbie and Brian Currie for following God's call in helping others grow deeper in their faith. No matter where you might be in your walk with the Lord, I would strongly recommend this course to anyone.



God's Freedom
Live FREE from the world's fear and anxiety as you live a faith filled surrendered life in the Spirit and receive everything God has for you!


God's Presence
Enjoy the peace & joy of God's presence as you live your life in intimacy together. You will carry His presence and change atmospheres everywhere you go!


God's Power
Be a world changer as you live in overflow of God's love & power.You & Jesus together bringing heaven to earth, everywhere you go.


 God's Purpose
Become completely fulfilled as you hear God's voice and complete great exploits & dreams together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't answer the Assessment questions?

The questions are mostly about how you think about certain things in your life. Their very simple questions.This gives us clues about the type of bondage you may have.

How and when do I get my detailed reports & scores?

You get your #1 Bondage area instantly after completing the Assessment. We email you the 8 reports over the next hour after taking the assessment.

Are my answers kept private!

The company we use has a very powerful security system. Their team continually works at keeping your data safe.

Why do you say "up to" 8 detailed reports and scores?

If you don't have any bondage in a certain category, there will be no score or detailed report to send. However we will send you the assessment questions so you can go through through again.

Is there a guarantee for this service?

No because we believe it's value is $149.00 and were only charging $4.95 

What if I'm not ready to deal with my bondage now?

It's always better to take the assessment as soon as possible. You will always have the reports and when the time is right, you can tackle it.