Hi , your # 1 Hidden Bondage area has been identified as "Shame". 

Congratulations, you have completed Step 1 in our 7 Step Trigger Revelation Ministry.

Please remember, this is not to put any shame or guilt on you, it's simply to identify where we need to shine the light of Jesus' healing power. 

You're only one revelation away from a miracle!

Pray this prayer...Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.   Psalms 139:23-24

  3-Day Action Taker Special  Pricing Plan - 45% off !

When my 2 daughters invited me for coffee that day...

...I never expected it to be a pivotal point in my life.

They made this statement that changed everything...

.....Dad, we don’t think you're living the rich abundant life that God has for you!

I was shocked but I couldn’t disagree with them...

...this began a journey of working through my emotional baggage from the past that I never knew was causing me anxiety and holding me back spiritually.

I learned to cooperate with God as He healed and renewed me...and brought me into His presence, power and purpose.

Today I am living a free and abundant life in His presence.

I don’t think there's anyone on the planet that hasn't been offended, rejected, abused, disappointed or has some trauma in their life.

Most spiritual blockages come from negative experiences in our life that cause us to accidentally open a door to emotional hurts that lead to unGodly beliefs and demonic oppression…

Once we enter the Bondage Cycle, we tend to rotate through over and over as we rehearse and relive our hurts.  

This produces more & more negative results...until they are healed.

Almost everyone says bury those hurts and forget about them…

If only it was that easy!! 

The hurts that insert you into the Bondage Cycle are like poison that causes pain & damage...creating unbelief, stealing the very faith we are trying to develop…


I'm about to show you that your good news story can start in just 30 minutes. God is speaking to you. The waiting is over. It's time you begin receiving revelation that will help you break free of the Bondage Cycle. You've been waiting a life time for this. 



God's Freedom
  •  Cleansed & Healed
  • Faith to Surrender
  •  Living in the Spirit
  • Emotional Peace & Joy


God's Presence
  •  Intimacy with God
  • Identity as Child of God
  • Hear from God
  • Experience God’s Love
  • Renewed Mind


God's Power
  •  Walk in Your Authority
  • Operate in Your Gifts
  • Overcome Demonic Oppression
  • Bring Heaven to Earth


 God's Purpose
  • Walk in Your Purpose
  •  Union with Jesus
  • Live Supernaturally
  • Live in Confident Boldness

Is this course for you? We designed it with you in mind.

You want to be free from triggered emotional pain and enjoy God's peace

YES, if you want to break free of emotional hurts/bondage that cause anxiety and self doubt

You want to remove any and all blockages so you can receive all God has for you

YES, if you want to open the flow of God's presence, power and purpose.

You want to surrender every part of your life to God's control

YES, if you want to fully surrender and live in God's presence, but you just can’t seem to get there.

You want to know and walk in
God's dreams and purpose for your life.

YES, if you want to feel fulfilled…you want to know you’re leaving a mark in this world.

You want more of God's anointing for your life and ministry

YES, if you want increase in your ministry and your marriage. You want to feel loved and protected. You want to have peace. You want to feel the favour of God on your life.

You want to experience God's power

YES, if you know, or even sense, you are called to do something big for God, but you feel stuck and powerless to move forward.

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If you answer “yes” to even 1 of these questions, it’s likely you have hidden bondage and the devil is stealing from your life.

  • Do you have emotional pain & anxiety triggers?
  • Do you struggle to receive from God?
  • Do you struggle with negative thoughts?
  • Do you struggle to surrender 100% to God?
  • Do you feel unloved and unprotected?
  • Do you struggle with self control?
  • Do God's blessings seem out of reach?

Anxiety and Bondage demand a toll. Here are 6 costs they make us pay:


Cost of wasted time

How much time have you wasted worrying about your anxiety and trying to get free of self doubt on your own? Some people spend their entire life applying bandaids to their anxiety...with no results.

The truth is, anxiety is hidden bondage. You can't see it to even put a bandaid on it. Don’t forget our enemy is a master of deception. He wants you to think your efforts are effective.


Cost of wasted energy & effort!

An open door of bondage is a drain on our life and the cost of not solving this is extremely high on our relationships. It keeps us emotionally exhausted. We're too tired...even despondent...to give the proper investment into our marriage, our job, our family & friends, our hobbies, etc...and especially our relationship with God.


Sanity cost!!

Bondage is a vicious cycle of disappointment and feeling overwhelmed. You regularly say, "I'm done...I can't do this any more!" But what choice do you have? It’s like having holes in your boat. You're either rowing with all your might or bailing out water.


Cost to our physical Health!

Dr. Carolyn Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist, says that negative thoughts switch off certain parts of the brain and up to 85% of our health problems come from them.


Future cost!

Rejected people reject people. Hurt people hurt people. Bitterness is contagious. Any bondage we have...even the bondage that is hidden to us...affects the people around us, especially those we love. There's a very good chance your children's future will be affected by it. 


Cost of having leaky faith!

Everything God has for you...your inheritance, power & purpose...is all accessed through faith. We can't have fear and be full of faith. We can't have worry and be full of faith. Your bondage is giving the enemy permission to steal your faith. 

Our 7 Step Trigger Revelation Ministry will help you to cooperate with the Holy Spirit for revelation and break you out of the Hidden Bondage Cycle to receive God's presence and power!

"Free to Live in His Presence" has 9 Modules!

We recommend 8 weeks for the 9 Modules. We will teach you the freedom lifestyle.


Week 1- Module 1: Bondage Assessment

Welcome video from Brian & Debbie - 3 minutes

We walk you through a Submission prayer.- 3 minutes

Take the Bondage Assessment - 15-20 minutes


also Week 1- Module 2: Orphan spirit

Teaching - 16 minutes

Ministry time - 65 minutes


Week 2-Module 3: Shame

Teaching - 15 minutes

Ministry time - 65 minutes


Week 3-Module 4: Insufficiencies in the Father’s Love

Teaching - 23 minutes

Ministry time - 15 minutes


Week 4-Module 5: Fear

Teaching - 17 minutes

Ministry time - 65 minutes


Week 5-Module 6: Unforgiveness

Teaching - 14 minutes

Ministry time - 25 minutes


Week 6-Module 7: Rejection

Teaching - 17 minutes

Ministry time - 65 minutes


Week 7-Module 8: Soul Ties

Teaching - 34 minutes

Ministry time - 12 minutes


Week 8-Module 9: Idolatry

Teaching - 21 minutes

Ministry time - 65 minutes

Here is a detailed breakdown of the 44 videos in this course

that will lead you word-for-word into revelation and freedom!

8 Teaching Sessions

Revelation often comes through instruction - Your only one revelation away...

 5 Ministry Sessions with word-for-word text to follow...where you will confess, renounce and forgive
any sins passed down from your ancestors and any self sins.

This is where we take out the enemies foundation in your life by canceling known and unknown agreements we have made through sin in your life. This closes the door to any "natural bent" toward sin that has been passed down to you. When you meet God’s conditions restoration happens.

5 Ministry Session to identify any hurtful memories and emotions. Then you pass them over to Jesus for healing. 

Plus, we have 2 extra help sessions if you are having trouble finding the memory and emotion.In the help sessions we use several strategies to find the root of your emotional hurts.

5 Ministry Sessions where we help you find any hidden unGodly beliefs that the emotional hurt created.

This is one of the biggest open doors Satan uses to steal, kill and destroy in your life. God will give you a blessing of truth to replace the lie.

5 Ministry Sessions where we evict related demonic spirits.

Once you meet God’s conditions by confessing and forgiving, and Jesus heals your heart of emotional hurts and you exchange the enemy's lies for God's truth...Satan doesn't have a leg to stand on. A simple command and he has to leave.

3 Additional Ministry Sessions where we walk you through Un-Forgiveness, Soul Ties and The Father's Love. These are also step by step prayers to freedom.

There's no way to fail! We lead you, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, word for word.

A Teaching on how to SHIFT your life into the spirit

Learn how to shift the source of your life from your soul to the Holy Spirit. Living in the Spirit aligns your life with God's power and purpose. This is where you find completeness. This is so important we offer it at the end of every module. We strongly recommend you watch it more than once. 

A weekly zoom ministry night where we release the anointing to evict any stubborn demons hanging on.

We pray corporately and individually. We answer questions. We become community.

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About the Authors

Teachers - Brian and Debbie Currie

We have been married for 44 years. The last 7 years we have been on a journey to more of God...more freedom, more intimacy with Jesus, more fellowship and power in the Holy Spirit, and more effectiveness for His Kingdom.

Some of the positive results we are experiencing as we live in God's freedom!

  • Energy
  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Significance
  • Security
  • Marriage
  • Delight
  • Love/Connection
  • Strength
  • Adventure
  • Satisfaction
  • Passion
  • Rest
  • Growth
  • Excitement
  • Inner Peace
  • Health
  • Belonging
  • Finances
  • Comfort

Don't Live With Regret

You don't have to accept a life of anxiety,

blocked from the life you were meant to live.

Every Christian’s birthright is to have intimacy with Father God

and live their life with power and purpose in the Spirit.

I’ve known Brian and Debbie for over 25 years and was their senior pastor for almost 20. From the first day they walked through our church doors Debbie has been serving the body in youth ministry, leading Bible Studies and other special events I asked of her. I witnessed Brian’s transformation in his journey to breakthrough. The last several years they have been a powerful team of bringing increase to the Kingdom of God and the people around them. I love the passion with which they desire all believers to be free and have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

L.D. Buckingham

Founder and president of Buckingham Leadership Network

Summary of features & Benefits

Your freedom is our mission...join our community of freedom fighters! 

Know your #1 Bondage

The question "where do I start?" keeps people from finding their freedom. The assessment will give you life changing revelation that exposes what has been hidden.

8 Bondage Results Reports

Each Hidden Bondage Results Report Email gives you a revelation roadmap to healing and opens up a new module in the course.

8 Bondage scores

Your 8 scores will give you a measured indication of your bondage in each major area. 

8 Step by step Ministry times

You don't have to try and figure things out...it's all  done for you step by step. Just use the assessment results report and any additional revelation to maximize the ministry sessions to walk in freedom.

8 TEACHINGS on bondage

This course is designed to help you recognize God's revelation for your transformation. It's impossible to get free without the Holy Spirit's leading!

WEEkly zoom ministry CALLS

We are here to support you in your freedom journey. Our Zoom calls include group and individual prayer, Q&A, testimonials, personalized deliverance and spending time in the presence of God.

45% Discount will be available until:

What sets us apart?

#1 Generates lots of Revelation 

With our use of the 65 bondage indicators and the assessment questions you are set-up to hear from God.

Our course is like a volleyball set up for you to receive revelation. With our use of the 65 bondage indicators and the assessment questions you are set-up to hear from God. This helps you to pinpoint how God speaks to you…does He download information to your brain? …does He give you dreams or visions? …does He manifest heat or electricity in your body?  Then, with practice, as you fine tune your receiver to His specific wavelength for you, you will also learn to tune in to Him on other “wavelengths”. It’s like we’ve put training wheels on your bike. We’re helping you stay upright and on the right path. You get used to the feel of the bike and get an understanding of balance. Then we take off the training wheels and you can ride on pavement, rocks, grass, sand…uphill or downhill…with two hands or one. 

#2 Surrender Made Simple

Our approach to surrender is let's get rid of the bondage and lies first.

Surrender is essential to having an intimate relationship with Jesus. Most “ministers” say, “Just surrender everything!!”...but most believers express difficulty in being able to do that.  Our approach to surrender is let’s get rid of the bondage and lies first. Confess and repent and surrender the bondage…the things you don’t want anyway. In other words, fill the leaks in your boat so you’re not always bailing water. Then your faith is stronger because it doesn't leak. Now you are in position to die to self…fully surrender…and hand over the control of your life to Jesus.

#3 Simplicity & Repeatable

Any time the devil tries to “give back” your bondage you can win the battle by following the TRM-7 model again.

Our TRM-7 Ministry Model creates a simple process with immediate results. Follow the steps and break the power of the enemy in your life. It took us years to get the results we wanted…needed. The simplicity of the system makes it easy to repeat whenever necessary. Any time the devil tries to “give back” your bondage you can win the battle by following the TRM-7 model again. Or, anytime you receive new revelation from God that uncovers another area of hidden bondage…you don’t need another course, just follow the system. It’s freedom made easy.

#4 Convenient

Available 24/7...any time, any place.

We have designed Free to Live in His Presence to be at your convenience. We do have a scheduled zoom call once a week, but other than that you can do the course from home when your time is available. We know you are busy…we all are. Too often the important things in our life are servant to the urgent things. So we want to make it as easy as possible for you to complete each module. 

#5 Personalized

Our assessment gives you the opportunity to identify “symptoms” of bondage that affect you, personally.

God revealed the details of this course to us in increments. The first requirement He revealed was that it was to be personalized…tailor made for you. It can be hard to see our own bondage…after all, it’s hidden. Our assessment gives you the opportunity to identify “symptoms” of bondage that affect you, personally. This opens up a different perspective and valuable insight. Now we have a target to hit when we can swing our Sword of the Spirit. You get to remove the bondage specific to you. 

Graduates from our course are invited to continue growing and serving as Light Keepers in this discipleship Movement?

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say:

Carolyn from Moncton NB

Graduate of course

 I would recommend this course to anyone hoping to rely on God and Jesus as the source of all!

I am full of thankfulness to God for the many benefits of this course. Each module brought me closer to Jesus. I received tremendous healing of both past and present hurts. Truthfully, I was surprised that I was still carrying so much hurt. Now I understand how these hurts kept me from receiving the fullness of God. The course content, including the personalized prayers and relevant scriptures, was very applicable to my life.  If you want Jesus to be your true Source, then I recommend this course to you.  

Jody from Saint John

Graduate of course

I now feel fully equipped and protected in God's armor against fear and the spirits associated with it.

I am so thankful to God for His work in me through the " Ultimate Believer's Life". Before taking the assessment, I didn’t realize that I had given FEAR so much power in my life. This ministry is personal (between me and God). The Monday night zoom calls have been a great source of encouragement and support. I now feel fully equipped and protected in God's armor against fear and the spirits associated with it.

Anne from Moncton

Graduate of course

I can excitedly say that the anxieties and burdens I had been holding onto have been surrendered to Jesus. I am now able to walk in freedom with a renewed mind and purpose

Until I had the privilege to experience "The Ultimate Believer's Life" masterclass, I truly didn't realize how many blockages I had in my life. I can excitedly say that the anxieties and burdens I had been holding onto have been surrendered to Jesus. I am now able to walk in freedom with a renewed mind and purpose. Many thanks to Debbie and Brian Currie for following God's call in helping others grow deeper in their faith. No matter where you might be in your walk with the Lord, I would strongly recommend this course to anyone.

Most believers never experience God’s Presence, Power and Purpose in their lifetime but it’s always only a short distance away, waiting for them.

This can be your new life of freedom!

It’s no wonder we get stuck in our faith journey! It seems so hard to get a breakthrough.

Are you tired of just going through the motions everyday? 

By learning how to break Satan's hold and close the doors he uses to gain access, you will become a transformed force of blessings and strength to everyone you connect with.

Just imagine feeling free and powerful, knowing that you're walking in God’s plan for your life. It’s amazing!

Watch how God begins working miracles through your life as you get free from the torment of the enemy's lies and you can focus on God's identity for you. You realize you are a significant person with the favour of God and man.

Experience the enemy fleeing at your command as your identity and authority become anchored in the Lord!

Stop asking God to improve your life and start cooperating with the Holy Spirit to expose and heal your heart from bondage and emotional hurts. Seek and you shall find your new life of freedom, power & purpose.

Brian and Debbie are passionate about others finding the freedom found in the power of Christ.  Their spiritual maturity, their heart for the hurting, their deep well of experience, their faithful stewardship, and their spiritual giftings radiate the love of Christ. Their prayers penetrate the heavenly places and all who come in contact with Brain and Debbie are inspired to press deeper into the abundance of who God created us to be.  

Joel Gorveatte

Senior Pastor Moncton Wesleyan Church

Let's put a real value on these strategies and tools!


96 question Bondage Assessment, #1 bondage area revealed, up to 8 scores and results reports!


The second component includes 20-30 minute teachings for each of the 8 bondage categories!


And now we add 8 modules of freedom ministry to remove the bondage ( 26 video's.)


Our 4th component is very unique and detailed. We provide 2 extra help videos to help you with your memory and emotional recall 


Minimum of 8 Zoom ministry nights with individual and group prayer support.
Total value $866

You pay only a fraction of this price!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60-Days


It's very important to us that you see an increase of faith. So we are offering you a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you complete at least 6 of our modules and don’t see changes in your life within 60 days, contact us and we’ll send you your money back. We would be willing to give you some private help as another option but it's up to you if you want to take advantage of it.

You have 60 days to try it out, You can't loose!

You're only one revelation away from a fresh start!

45% off Action Takers Special Pricing. Discount goes away in:

I can't afford this

Can't afford it...request a sponsor.

We don't want anyone to be denied this course because your freedom is to important. Please click the link below to find out more about this program and how you can apply. Your information will be kept private. 

I Can't afford this

Can't afford it...request a sponsor.

We don't want anyone to be denied this course. Your freedom is too important. Please click the link below to find out more about this program and how you can apply. Your information will be kept private. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I do this course at my own speed?

Yes, of course! You can take as long as you would like. We believe after taking this course, and seeing the results, these strategies and prayers will become part of your lifestyle. This is not a sprint but a new way of living in God's presence. We do recommend you prioritize this course in your schedule and we will send you a new Assessment Results Report and open up a new module each week. We will be there to back you up on our weekly zoom calls for as long as it takes.

What if I don't have a lot of bondage?

Every single place of bondage is draining your faith, so even finding and removing one place is invaluable to your life, both here and in heaven.